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Innovative Treats and Slush Drinks


Lickleys Sweet Treats

Lickleys, launched in 2013, has swiftly grown into an evolutionary company, revolutionizing and innovating in the world of Slush Syrups, Candy Floss Sugars, Beverage Enhancements as well as machinery to bring everything into your home.

Specializing in retailing to the home market, we seek to bring those amazing seaside and fairground treats, like Slush Puppie and Candy Floss, straight into your kitchen using our amazing Syrup concentrates, our Bright and colourful Candy Floss Sugars.
We are always innovating and creating the best products for you, should you wish to send in a suggestion, or a Photo of how you use the slush we may even send you some free syrup to say thank you (T&C apply).

Lickleys Products

Slush Machines, Snowcone kits, Flavoured Sugars and much more.

Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Twin Pack

Slush Syrup

Our Slush Syrup is available in many flavours, From your Classic Blue Raspberry Slush Puppie style flavour to our more exotic cocktail flavours, we have everything to suit your tastes. Our Syrups are a perfect combination of sweetness and unparalleled taste experience and made from the finest ingredients, right here in the UK.

Our Flavours include: Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Sour Cherry, Sour Apple, Lemon and Lime, Orange, Pink Bubblegum, Apple and Blackcurrant, Pear Drop, Kola Kube and many more.

We Stock all these syrups in 330ml Bottles and have special Twin Packs of 500ml Blue Raspberry & Strawberry available.

5-1 Dilution Ratio
Concentrated Syrup
Creates Tasty Slush Syrup
Makes amazing Snow Cones


Ordered these along with a slush puppy maker and they taste great. It also comes with slush puppy straws so you can eat/drink your slush. Another bonus was a free reusable freezer bag with a full line for syrup and one for water so you can freeze pre made slush, break it up in the bag and pour.

Would definitely recommend.


Candy Floss Sugar

Our latest innovation sensation, Candy Floss Sugars. Available in a wide array of flavours, From you classic Blue Raspberry to Chocolate and Toffee!
Made from the best British ingredients, our sugar is loose and dry, keeps an intense colour when spun and has a great taste.

It is a perfect way to bring home the taste of the fairground.

Vibrant Colours
Strong Flavours
Dry and Loose Consistency

Very happy so good we all enjoy them will be ordering more


Candy Floss Sugar

six packs and snow cone kits

Multi Packs and Gift Sets

At Lickleys we recognise that sometimes a single bottle is never enough, so we have compiled our best flavours into kits and multipacks just for you.

Our Slush 6 packs include 330ml bottles of Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime, Pear Drop, Orange and Pink Bubblegum.
Our Cocktail Flavour packs include 330ml Bottles of Pina Colada, Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita, Sour Cherry and Sour Apple.

If you are looking for more, why not look into our Snowcone Kits? Each contain a 6 pack with 100 cups and 200 spoon straws?

6 x 330ml Bottles per pack
Great Concentrated Flavours
Snowcone kits are available

The same taste as if you'd bought a slushie from a fairground. Absolutely first class products, even came with free slush straws.


Slush Maker Pouches

Innovation at its best. A quick, easy and mess free way to make slush drinks at home.

Simply add in Syrup, top up with water, pop the lid on and freeze.
When it comes to enjoying, simply squeeze into slush and either drink from the pouch or pour into a glass.


Makes Slush you can keep in the freezer
Great for a quick treat
Recyclable and Reusable
No need for any messy or noisy machines

These are amazing and so simple. My son is slushy mad, so I always have all the bags in the freezer ready to go. The do freeze solid, so I just leave it out the freezer for 20 mins, briefly run it under the hot tap and then it crushes to slush easily and squeezes straight out the packet. They are quite thin, but I've used them lots of times with no signs of splitting yet. At such a cheap price, I expected to have to replace them quite quickly, but they are still going strong. Great value for money! My son loves them that much he has even bought more slush syrup with some of his Christmas money :)


Snow Cone Makers/Ice Shaver

A Home Slush maker, Ice Shaver machine, with a 1l capacity bowl. Has 2 different levels of shaving "Slushie" and "Snow Cone".
Comes as a solo machine or with varieties of 6 packs

Quick and easy to use
No Salt needed
Can be used to make Slush Puppy style drinks as well as frozen cocktails and Snow Cones

OMG this is brilliant another one of my more expensive gadgets and like everything else I buy took a lot of persuading my hubby as to why I needed such an expensive thing. Well as usual my hubby was the first person to use it and I must say it was brilliant one of the syrup leaked in the box but other than that everything was packaged really well.l The flavours are quite sweet so will only be using it occasionally but you get 6 to choose from I got the teddy bear ones . The machine is very loud but hey its chopping up lumps of ice and a bit of noise never hurt anyone but so far we've had lime, blue berry and strawberry slushies and my 2 sons and husband love them. Its a brilliant addition to a birthday party. The only problem I found is that the straws are very sharp.Well worth the money.


Sugar Free Slush Syrup

Here at Lickleys we want everyone to enjoy our slush, so we have introduced our classic flavours, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry, in a new, Sugar Free range.
Same great taste, but none of the sugar - Ideal for those on a sugar controlled diet or for those guilt free treats.


Same Great Taste, Just Sugar Free
Available in 500ml Bottles
Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Available


we love these flavours, they dont taste like chemicals like some do



Dont be afraid to contact us at the below details, if you have a photo of the products in action, if you want to make a product suggestion or just want to tell us what you think. Our Details are below

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Unit 11 Llwyn Y Graig, Garngoch ind est

01792 892021

I was spending a arm & a leg on slushys for my 3 kids , decided 2 give them a summer treat with this slushy maker they love it ! I'm now affically the best 'mummy in the world ' easy to use so will allow my oldest age 12 to also use it to spoil his siplings. Came early than expected . Thanx